Boston Lithuanian School

Student Registration

You have to complete all the registration steps in the exact order as indicated below. You will NOT be able to submit the registration form below (step 4) unless you provide family contact information (step 2) and create student profiles (step 3) for all your children that you want to register.

  1. Create an account * (you will be logged in automatically)
  2. Add family contact information:
    go to "Shortcuts" menu at the top of the page > „Add Family Information“
  3. Create student profiles** for all your children, that you plan to register:
    go to "Shortcuts" > "Add Student Profile"
  4. Submit the registration form below (you have to be logged in)

*    Create only one account per family and use the same account every year
**  The same profiles will be valid the whole time your child attends the BLS.

Video tutorial

Starting this year medical and consent forms will have to be signed electronically in the DocuSign system. You will no longer have to print and bring the forms to the school. After registration you will receive an email with a link to fill in and sign the forms electronically in the secure DocuSign system.